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ATLAS, which stands for Achieve To Learn Academic Success, offers small class sizes and unique instructional approaches for students in grades 7 and 8 who struggle in a traditional school setting. ATLAS follows the core curriculum with a focus on hands-on learning as well as teacher/student relationship building. Our students move at or above the same academic level as their peers.

What makes ATLAS unique?

ATLAS classes are small
Generally, no more than 13 students are a part of this program in each grade level. As a result, the teachers are able to get to know each student on a personal level. Four core teachers are with the students most of the day to provide consistency.

The curriculum is closely integrated
As often as possible, course content overlaps into other curricular areas. The core teachers meet once a week with students individually to discuss the student's progress as well as their concerns. Students' progress is monitored on a daily basis. Because of the small class size, teachers can closely monitor the progress of each student and notify parents immediately of any issues or concerns.

ATLAS teaches all core classes
The ATLAS program encompasses all four core classes to uphold the integrity of the program. If a student is enrolled in the ATLAS program, they are enrolled in ATLAS math, ATLAS English, ATLAS science and ATLAS social studies class. These core classes are taught in a smaller classroom setting 1:13 ratio with a heavy emphasis on hands on learning and teacher/ student relationship building. ATLAS students are also placed with an ATLAS teacher for their homeroom time(PT). This allows for large group conversations, academic or personal check-ins and reward time for goals accomplished. ATLAS students are enrolled in mainstream elective courses within the larger school setting, as well as scheduled for a grade appropriate lunch with their peers.

ATLAS has a contract system for accountability
All students are put on Academic Contracts and are expected to adhere to program rules:

  • Teachers have the discretion to have students redo any of the following: homework/quizzes/ formal assessments, in order to ensure students achieve their best potential.
  • All students must behave appropriately (specific classroom rules are discussed upon program acceptance).

Contracts are put in to place so that students can be active participants in their successes and problem solvers for their struggles. If a pattern of contracts are established, students can be removed from the program. Please see our behavior and academic expectations links for more information.

Homework time is built in to their day
Homework lessons are structured in an appropriate time frame to encourage class participation and in-class work completion. However, if a student misuses their class time, they may go on an Academic Contract be required to make up class work during their PT/Lunch, before/after school, or at home as homework.

Strong relationships with their ATLAS teachers
All of the ATLAS students spend time getting to know their teachers. We designate specific program time with our students to spend time sharing personal hopes, goals, fears and struggles, as well as then collectively brainstorming ways in which they can find their own unique successes.

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